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  A good portrait should convey to the viewer as much informations as a small videoclip, but in a peaceful enviroment, so to give her/him time to mull over that shot, like they were in a museum looking at a painting.


  Maia and her owner have an unbreakable bond. The dog who has a good temperament, when sees me approaching, begins wagging her tail, gets a twig and leaves it in front of me waiting for the launch.

  Guillermo Coronado while cutting hair to a customer. His grandparents had emigrated after World War II, from Italian Southern Salerno Province to Montevideo, and his mother married there a Uruguayan giving birth to him and his sister. Read his story here.

Barman & Barwoman

  Tony is a clever bloke; for sure he has inherited his father good-nature, a feature, afterall compelling, if you serve clients. He manages, with his partner in business – with him in the portrait – a cozy coffee-shop, where they also serve savory snacks and delicious meals.

  I was prompted to shoot this picture the day he served me a cappuccino with a nice design on its surface; therefore I inquired. It came out that he belongs – apart having won many awards in his profession because of his mastership – to the SCAE, Speciality Coffee Association of Europe, a name which matchs perfectly with the recent re-birth of Europe.

  At the time, their business had been affected by Covid-19 lockdowns and related sanitary measures for which they have waited patiently thanks to their willpower and passion for their work, which is a typical italian signature. Nowadawys – notwithstanding the negative effects of this current illegal, medioeval, brutal and senseless war against Ukraine – their business is flourishing again as before.